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Nouveauté, Solaires, Tendances, Vues

We only work with Italian suppliers and manufacturers.

The name RES/REI was chosen for this fantastic line of glasses because it symbolizes the Italian heritage: in Latin, it means « that thing », or something with its own form and substance, but that also embodies that certain something extra. Glasses are unique accessories: they are fashionable and can improve one’s aesthetic, but they are also medical devices and instruments to help one improve their vision problems and achieve greater precision.


Some may argue that glasses are an extension of one’s closet, but for the designers at RES/REI they are a symbol of individuality: we don’t let fashion trends overshadow true style, but we know that glasses are a tool for personal expression. In the search for originality, RES/REI redefined style from its own point of view.


In the modern world of consumerism, most products are disposable and are not meant to last. Instead, we have designed our glasses to survive over time and age gracefully, imparting something beyond their intrinsic nature that is preserved for many years .


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Retour vers toutes les marques

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